Cupcakes have come a long way from the  bake sale item that we loved as children. Today cupcakes have gourmet flavors and fillings with custom edible toppers and colorful wrappers. Cupcakes are the most versatile dessert; they can be an elegant wedding dessert, decorated to look like fresh flowers in a bouquet, a party favor that fits any theme, or a centerpiece to for your dessert bar. Cupcakes come in many sizes and shapes. Yes, cupcakes are not just round anymore we make square ones. Square cupcakes can be decorated to look like mini cakes, lovely art deco statements, or even Lego bricks. Standard cupcakes start at $30.00 per dozen with buttercream icing. Price would vary depending on the decor desired. Six inch top tier cake to place at the top of your cupcake tower begins at $45.00. Filled cupcakes begin at $3.00 each. Ordered by the dozen. You can have a different flavor for every 24 cupcakes. Mini cupcakes start at $24.00 for two dozen.  You can have a different flavor for every 24 cupcakes. Mini cupcakes cannot have a filling due to their size but can be dipped in either chocolate or white chocolate ganache and then decorate with icing.  King size cupcakes begin at $18.00 per half dozen. A 3-D cake that looks like a large cupcake begins at $60.00. Square cupcakes begin a $33.00 per dozen.  Custom edible cupcake toppers begin at $0.15 each. We have many  sizes of cupcake stands available to rent in both square and round. Let our cupcakes be the conversation starter at your net event.