Dessert Bars

What better centerpiece as your next event than a table full of mini desserts. Desserts bars are a great focal point that can allow to express your theme in a very creative manner; with food. Who wouldn’t  love to walk into a room and smell the sweet smells of a bakery or candy shop. If you supply the containers we will supply the goodies. Just imagine dark chocolate dipped strawberries with your monogram on them with white chocolate truffles, dark chocolate dipped pretzels, black velvet woopie pies, and mini Oreo cheesecake bites coordinating with  your black and white affair. Do you want an alternative to cake or cupcakes at your wedding or event, why not cake shots. Layered cake and filling in a round or square shot glass with a little fork or spoon. Do you want to step it up, spike those cake flavors. Have a pineapple rum cake shot, Piña Colada or a chocolate Baileys cake shot, the possibilities are endless. Having a party and need kid friendly dessert, we can make rainbow jello and even banana pudding in our shots glasses. Cake shots look good displayed on one of our cupcake stand surrounded by other desserts or lined up on platters of varying heights. Do you like chocolate? Almost everything we make can be dipped in chocolate. Do you like pie? We make tarts and mini pies as well as cheesecake bites in almost any flavor. Did you know that rice krispies can be cut into different shapes and even put on a stick, heart shaped dipped in white chocolate drizzled with pink…yum. Cake pops are fun but don’t forget about brownie bite pops, marshmallow pops, rice krispie pops, and cheesecake pops. If you can dream it we can make it.