Gluten Free

Although our facility is not certified wheat free gluten free we are able accommodate clients whom need specialty items. We have separate bowls, utensils, pans etc. and take every precaution necessary, but those whom have severe allergies will need to find a certified facility. Gluten free cakes begin at $5.75 per serving. The cake can be iced in buttercream or fondant as both are gluten free. Most flavors can be gluten free as we do not use flavor extracts we use real ingredients. If you want a cupcake display instead of a traditional cake, gluten free cupcakes are $3.50 each and are ordered by the dozen and if you want a cake at the top of the display it begins at $57.00. If you want only one tier to be gluten free that can be done as the cake are not touching each other, they are separated by a plastic cake board.