Price List

2014 Prices

Tiered/ Stacked Wedding cakes begin at $4.75 per serving. *If your  event or wedding falls within 48 hours before or after a major Holiday our prices may be higher. Price above is for buttercream, white or ivory fondant and cream cheese iced cakes. Colored fondant, chocolate fondant, and mascarpone iced cakes will be a higher price. Prices are for round and square cakes. Heart, petal, hex, rectangular, oval and octagonal shapes begin at $5.00 per serving. You can have different flavor/ filling in each tier at no extra charge. Wedding servings are based on slices of 1″ x 2″ x height of cake. The cake’s decor/flowers will affect the price of the cake. White chocolate shells, sugar or fresh flowers, or more intricate decor will be priced per element. Tiering hardware is a onetime charge and is not refundable. Each set of push-in pillars is $5.00. Grecian-style pillars with plates are $15 per tier.

  Non stacked single tier double layer cakes begin at $3.75 per serving.

3-D, shaped, carved cakes begin at $5.25 per serving minimum of 15 servings. Hand carved cakes require a minimum of 14 days notice.

Topsy Turvy cakes begin at $5.25 per serving. Minimum of 32 servings.

 Edible cake toppers $15.00 and up. Edible characters $10.00 and up each. Freehand special decorations are $15.00 and up. Sugar Flowers are priced per flower. Edible images $8.00 and up.

Standard size cupcakes start at $30.00 per dozen with buttercream icing. Price would vary depending on the decor desired.  Filled cupcakes begin at $3.00 each. Cupcakes are ordered by the dozen. You can have a different flavor for every dozen cupcakes but we suggest for larger events to only have a different flavor for every two to three dozen. Mini cupcakes start at $24.00 for two dozen. Custom edible cupcake toppers begin at $0.15 each. You can have a different flavor for every 24 cupcakes. Mini cupcakes cannot have a filling. Large king size cupcakes begin at $18.00 per half dozen.


Here at Enchanted Cakes we are aware of the crippled economy. Please check our current promotions for monthly discounts.

We also give discounts to active military as well as anyone involved in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts of America.

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