Sugar Free

Our business has always been about family, so when a member of our family had to start watching their sugar we did the same thing. We modified our recipes and researched different desserts that we could make without adding sugar.  We now are able to offer many low sugar and no sugar added options. We use agave, Splenda, sugar free pudding mix, unsweetened apple sauce, sugar free Hershey’s chocolate, coconut, Stevia, pumpkin, unsweetened cocoa powder and fresh fruit in place of sugars and almond flour, walnut flour, coconut flour, protein powder, and even pumpkin to reduce the carbs in recipes. Our no sugar added chocolate chip banana bread is a favorite among our family. As with any dessert moderation is best as we do not  make carb free desserts but you can have your cake knowing that there is no sugar added. We can make no sugar added and low sugar cake, cupcakes, cake shots, tarts, cake pops, brownies, banana bread, chocolate dipped cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, banana pudding shots, strawberry shortcake shots, cheesecake bites etc. During the holidays we make many “sugar free” gift baskets filled with sugar free treats that can be enjoyed right away or even frozen to enjoy throughout the year. If you would like more information on our low sugar and no sugar added items please e-mail us.