Sweets of all kinds

For pricing on vegan, low sugar, no sugar added, or wheat free gluten free please contact us.

Cheesecake bites: $18.00 per dozen; Many flavors available such as plain, chocolate, lemon raspberry, key lime, & chocolate chip to name a few. We offer many toppings such as chocolate Ganache, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, white chocolate, etc.

Buckeye Balls= $7.00 per dozen. Traditional peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and white chocolate, & hazelnut butter and chocolate available.

Pretzel clusters=$8.00 per dozen: pretzels, chocolate & peanut butter cluster dipped in chocolate or white chocolate.

Cake Shots: Cake with filling & icing in a shot cup = round $33.00 per dozen, square $35.00 per dozen. Alcohol infused cake shots will be a higher price.

Cupcakes begin at $30.00 per dozen for standard size. Mini cupcakes begin at $24.00 for two dozen.

Mini donuts= $6.00 per dozen powder sugar or cinnamon sugar.

Brownie pops dipped in white or dark chocolate (with stick)$26 .00 per dozen.

Brownie bites dipped in white or dark chocolate (no stick) $16.00 per dozen

Double chocolate brownies $30.00 per dozen. Try our salted caramel topping, chocolate ganache, or caramel coconut pecan topping. We have more just ask.

Cake pops  (with sticks) $26.00 per dozen decorated any way you can think of in almost any flavor. Delicious cake dipped in chocolate yummy!

Plain dipped cake balls (no stick) $12.00 per dozen.

Tarts (the size of mini cupcakes): Cherry, apple, peach, strawberry, pumpkin, coconut, lemon, blueberry, key lime, chocolate pudding, banana cream, caramel, pecan, etc. = $18.00 per dozen

Individual 3” pies: Cherry, apply, peach, strawberry, pumpkin, pecan, coconut, lemon, blueberry, key lime, chocolate pudding, banana cream, caramel don’t see your flavor just ask. $11.00 for 4 ($2.75 each)

Meringue drops = $6.50 per dozen. Light airy melt in your mouth treats, who knew egg whites could be so good. Add a little peppermint oil and some red food color and instant holiday dessert. Vanilla, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, almond, we can go on and on.

Layered Jell-O cups/shots (nonalcoholic): $27.00 per dozen

Pudding cups/shots: $30.00 per dozen

Mini “Mimosas” Jell-O with club soda or champagne and fruit.$6.00 per dozen

Large Whoopie pies $30.00 per dozen. Butter cake with whipped cream filling, red velvet with cream cheese filling, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, Strawberry cake with champagne buttercream, the possibilities are endless; who doesn’t like a cake sandwich.

Strawberry shortcake shots: $30.00 per dozen.

Banana pudding shots: $18.00 per dozen. 

Banana Bread, with or without nuts or chocolate chips: $18.00 per loaf.

Chocolate truffles =$12.50 per dozen. They can be rolled in countless toppings such as pecan, coconut, sprinkles, cocoa powder, etc.

Chocolate dipped Oreo’s many designs are  available =$12.00 per dozen. 

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods=$12.00 per dozen. Plain or with toppings these are delicious. 

Chocolate dipped rice cereal treats =$9.00 per dozen, $12.00 per dozen if on sticks.

Chocolate dipped marshmallows = $6.00 per dozen. Have them dipped in gram crackers and instant s’mores.

Chocolate dipped Potato Chips =$6.00 per dozen.

Mini cream puffs= $6.00 per dozen Drizzled with chocolate or strawberry sauce and they even better.

Mini eclairs= $12.00 per dozen.

Gourmet cookies=$12.00 per dozen per flavor. Kolache a Polish cookie with a fruit or poppy seed filling dusted with powdered sugar. Ice Kipples a pecan filled yeast dough cookie rolled into a crescent shape. Salted peanut butter cookies. Walnut chocolate chunk cookies. Oatmeal cookies with raisins, nuts, or chocolate chips. 

Lemon bars= $9.00 per dozen.

Coconut macaroons= $8.00 per dozen.

Caramel/chocolate covered apples: $3.50 each. Can be rolled in many toppings such as peanuts, Oreo pieces, sprinkles, mini M&m’s etc.

 Chocolate dipped strawberries= $12.00 per dozen. Tuxedo and bridal dipped strawberries $20 per dozen

Chocolate drizzled popcorn begins at $5.60 per bag.

Pastry Platters 50 pieces $50, 100 pieces $90, Includes a variety of miniature sized items.

* 6% Fl state sales tax will be added to all orders.

We recommend 2–3 desserts per person. Most desserts are ordered by the dozen. Delivery/set up fee is determined by distance from our location in Cocoa and on estimated set up time if full dessert table is to be set up by Enchanted Cakes.