We get asked all the time if we are able to make vegan desserts and the answer is YES!  Our vegan “buttercream” is so good your guests will not know that what they are eating is dairy free. We do use soy as a replacer in some desserts. We make vegan cake, cupcakes, tarts, truffles, cake shots, etc. Fresh locally grown seasonal ingredients paired with years of baking knowledge results in mouth watering desserts that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating.  We even have vegan fondant with no animal derived products. Vegan tastings are $30.00 and you can try up to five flavors. Most of our flavors can be vegan. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Vegan Prices

Vegan Cupcakes

Mini begin at  $34.00 per two dozen. Standard begin at $40.00 per dozen. King size begin at $28.00 per half dozen.

Vegan Cakes

Non stacked cakes begin at $4.75 per serving. Stacked cakes begin at $5.75 per serving. 3-D carved cakes begin at $6.25 per serving.

Vegan Desserts

Round cake shots begin at $42.00 per dozen. Square cake shots begin at $45.00 per dozen. Cake pops are $30.00 per dozen.  Fruit tarts are $28.00 per dozen. Large whoopie pies are $ 35.00 per dozen. Chocolate dipped strawberries are $28.00 per dozen. Brownies are $24.00 per dozen.