Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are not just a centerpiece at your wedding they are the gourmet dessert that you will be feeding your guests.  The cake should not only look beautiful but it should taste amazing. You can draw inspiration for your flavors from your everyday life; what dessert do you order most when eating out. If you like vanilla ice cream then Mexican vanilla cake is your flavor, if you like chocolate dipped strawberries try our dark chocolate cake with strawberry preserve filling and chocolate ganache icing.  Let us know your favorite dessert or candy bar and we will give you cake options to make your taste buds smile. We can create buttercream, chocolate & white chocolate ganache, fondant, mascarpone and even cream cheese iced wedding cakes. There is buttercream or ganache under all of our fondant covered cakes. Fondant is usually rolled to 1/8″ thick and placed over each tier of a cake. It gives a nice, smooth, elegant look which accepts piping nicely and allows things to be attached to it. Rolled fondant holds up better to warmer temperatures and high humidity. We do not provide real buttercream wedding cakes from May until mid-November due to the heat. We do offer a non-dairy vegan buttercream during these months but only for indoor events. If you will be having an outdoor event during the warmer months you will need to order a fondant covered cake or cupcakes.

Wedding cakes begin at $4.75 per serving. To reserve a wedding cake, we require a wedding day reservation non-refundable deposit of 25%.  You can make as many changes to your contract as needed until three weeks before your event when we will need to finalize your contract. Your final balance is due 14 days before your event.  If your wedding falls within 48 hours before or after a major Holiday our prices might be higher. Price above is for round and square cakes iced in buttercream, white or ivory fondant and cream cheese iced cakes. Colored fondant, chocolate fondant, Ganache and mascarpone iced cakes will be a higher price as well as our alcohol soaked cakes.  Heart, petal, hex, rectangular, oval and octagonal shapes begin at $5.00 per serving.  You can have different flavor/ filling in each tier at no extra charge. We do not charge extra for any of our flavors (excluding alcohol soaked cakes)or fillings but some are seasonal.

Wedding servings are based on slices of 1″ x 2″ x height of cake which is normally 4″. Imagine half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich folded in half. If your wedding cake will not be cut by a professional caterer  you may want to order more servings.

The cake’s decor/flowers will affect the price of the cake. White chocolate shells, sugar or fresh flowers, or more intricate decor will be priced per element. Tiering hardware is a one time charge and is not refundable. Each set of push-in pillars is $5.00. Grecian-style pillars with plates are $15 per tier.